ZANA corporation

ZANA establishes and develops automotive business for international suppliers of Japanese OEM and Tier one customers. ZANA provides sales and program management to its partners. On Japanese automotive market, ZANA is acting as the Japanese window to the automakers and system suppliers.

ZANA Work and Value for Suppliers


ZANA Service and Functions

ZANA Provides “Solution-Providing” Sales activities to Japanese OEMs on berhalf of global automotive suppliers (Clients).
Our clients has robust relationship and experience with German Premium OEMs and US Big 3s. They have unique and Advanced Technologies which differentiate to Japanese automotive suppliers. Those expertise helping to gain Value Proposition of Japanese Vehicles.

From Japan to overseas

Another Pillar of our service is to Global Sales and Marketing support for Japanese suppliers with consulting service. ZAT Group and Narens Associates has expertise and robust relationship with German OEM and North American OEMs as Solution providiner.
We will supoort our clients to maximize revenue and profit of overseas sales but minimal investment and risk avoidance of Foreign Direct Investments.

Supplier Benefit of Cooperation

Convince Japanese Customers and build trust
Grow business with Japanese OEM I Tier One Suppliers
Effective and efficient sales work with ZANA investing in joint business building
Get expertise of Japanese sales professionals

“Bridge” cultural / Language / time differences


ZANA Automotive Expertise

Understanding of and experience with OEM specific processes.
Knowledge and experience in the intercourse with OEM specific “customer language”

Ability to judge about commercial-strategic and technical-product oriented strategies and the probability of success.

Knowledge and understanding of OEM organizations and decision making structures.
Knowledge of the characteristics and meaning of a “supplier-DNA”

Understanding for the requirements and priorities of large-scale-production.

Truthful and resilient contact persons for support with information and achievement of help.

Respect and professionalism in the intercourse with power of carmakers.

  • Growth programs with individual customized service.
  • Global network and local customer integration.
  • Experienced automotive experts.
  • Win orders and create business.
  • Realize innovations.
  • Optimize profitability.